Information for New Staff

Welcome and congratulations on your appointment at the University of Edinburgh.

The University offers an inspiring and exciting place to work. Through our Staff Hub and University Induction pages, you can find all of the information you need to help you prepare for taking up your new role with us.

We will help you settle in through our tailored local induction plan and activities, as well as centrally held University Induction events. We also provide a range of information and support though our online training programmes which are designed to help you get up to speed ahead of your first day, and to develop you both personally and professionally during your time at the University.

On behalf of the school, we would like to congratulate you again on your new role; we look forward to you joining our team in the near future. A member of our School Operations team will shortly be in contact with you to confirm details of your first day and induction to the school.

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Practical information to assist you in your initial days of working for the University.

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Here are a list of HR policies that are likely to be most relevant to you when you first start.

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Our induction programme aims to provide new employees with all of the necessary information.

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Recruitment and right to work, a guide to living and working in the UK.

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Practical information about PPLS in order to help you settle in to your new role and the school.

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We've recorded some short videos to help welcome & inform incoming PPLS staff.

If you would like to view organisational charts depicting the structure of administrative roles within PPLS, please click “School Structure” at the top of the page.