Starting a new job can be a stressful experience and new employees need help to settle in. The induction programme aims to provide new employees with all of the necessary information, including local welcome events and activities.

The induction you will receive in the school/department should enable you to:

  • Meet key colleagues in your team/department/School;
  • Find your way around the workplace;
  • Understand your role, key responsibilities, what is expected of you and how you fit into the wider department/school;
  • Know how you will be managed and supported to carry out your duties
  • Understand your terms and conditions of employment;
  • Understand the structure of your team/department/school/wider university;
  • Access university local policies and procedures; and
  • Identify any training and development needs that have to be met to enable you to undertake your role effectively.

Your local induction

At the beginning of your induction on your first day you will be provided with an employee induction checklist, which you can work through with your line manager and/or buddy. The induction checklist aims to ensure that key aspects of your induction are covered, so that you are well on your way to understanding how the University of Edinburgh operates and your role within it.

The employee induction checklist should be completed within the timescale indicated on the form and returned for retention on your personal file to the School Operations team (

PPLS Value Statements

This PDF displays the School’s Value Statements. Click to open the PDF in your browser; you can then download the document to your computer.

Download .pdf file iconPPLS PSS Value Statements.pdf

Daily Stand Up Templates

This PowerPoint file provides training on our daily team meetings, or “stand ups”. Click to download the document to your computer.

Download .pptx file iconDaily Stand Up Templates – Training for New Staff (StaffHub)

Your online induction

We have a number of quick and easy compulsory online induction training and assessment modules for you to complete within your first month. These essential online learning packages cover various topics. To access these resources you will require your EASE login details.

A full list of our staff training courses, resources and e-learning material can also be found on the University’s Human Resources webpage under learning and development (see orange button below). This includes access to the University’s online development tool kit for staff.

In addition, a full list of available staff training courses and workshops can be found on the home page of MyEd under the “Events” tab (places are limited and must be booked in advance). You will need to log in as a staff member to access MyEd – information on how to do this will be issued with your contract of employment

Your University induction

The University holds a regular welcome to the University Induction Event offering new starts the chance to network with other new colleagues whist finding out more about the University and its various departments and functions in a more informal setting.

Places on this can be booked by staff via by visiting the link below:

link/url icon Human Resources – Welcome Event

In addition to this, the University runs an informal Get Connected induction event for new research staff and academics, in all schools/colleges, who have recently joined the University.

Places on this can be booked by staff via the (EASE login required) via the page below:

link/url icon Induction: Get Connected Welcome Day