British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships

This scheme offers outstanding early career researchers the opportunity to strengthen their research and teaching experience. The primary focus of the fellowship is on the completion of a significant piece of publishable research.

Eligibility: Within 3 years of the date of your successful PhD viva voce exam*. Applicants must either a) be a British citizen or EEA national , b) be of any nationality but hold a doctorate from a UK institution, c) if not yet sat your viva voce exam, have done so by the 1st April in the year following the deadline i.e. deadline of Oct 21, viva must have been sat by 1st April 22.

*For this round ONLY (Oct 2021) British Academy (BA) have extended the 3 year eligibility period so if you sat your viva voce exam between 1st November 2018 and 1st April 2022 you can apply.

Please note- if you have previously submitted an outline application to the BA but they didn’t invite you to put in a second-stage application, you are not eligible to re-apply to the outline stage.

Briefing session: Our central RO are running a briefing session for internal and external applicants on the 3rd September (15-16.30pm). You can find more detail about the event and book your place here

Budget: Varies, but includes full-time salary for 3 years and £2,000 per year for research costs.

Internal process: There are two stages to this call, an outline application, and (if invited by the funder) a full application. This process is for the outline application only.

  • The application form is accessed via the BA’s Flexi-grant system. You will need a log in for the system so if you don’t already have one, please set one up. The online portal can be accessed through this link to the British Academy page by clicking the “Apply” button.
  • Complete the online application form and send a PDF of it to Mel McLaughlin by the internal deadline, along with the name of your mentor. At this stage, please do not press the “submit” button in the portal as this will not send the application to the Research Office. 
  • You can create a PDF by saving the form and clicking the “download as pdf” button in the top left hand corner of the Summary screen. All sections of the form should be filled in at this stage, apart from the referee statement section.
  • Although a referee statement isn’t needed at review stage, I would recommend getting in touch with your referee asap to give them the heads up a statement may be needed from them should you get through the internal review process. They will have about 10 days to write and upload something to the flexigrant portal before the submission date. It’s recommended by the BA that your referee is the external examiner of your PhD.   
  • All outline applications received by the internal deadline will be reviewed by the relevant Head of Subject Area (HoSA’s), and subject area Research Advisors, with the Director of Research and Head of School determining which ones can go through for submission to the funder.


Internal- 15th September 21 (by 5pm GMT)

Peer review takes place between- 16th & 30th September 21

Applicants notified- 1st October 21

Notified applicants to submit to the funder by 12th October 21 (by 10am GMT)

(Your referee also needs to upload their statement into the BA portal by this date)

Funder deadline – 14th October 21 (by 5pm GMT)

Notification of stage two application- January 22

link/url icon The British Academy – Postdoctoral Fellowships