Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships

These fellowships aim to provide career development opportunities for those who are at a relatively early stage of their academic careers, but who have a proven record of research.

The expectation is that Fellows would undertake a significant piece of publishable work during their tenure which is not a reworking or extension of their doctoral research project.

Briefing session for 2022 round: Our central RO are running a briefing session for internal and external applicants on the 10th November 21 (10.30-11.30am GMT). You can find more detail about the event and book your place here

Eligibility: Up to 4 years post PhD viva, applicants must either hold a degree from a UK institution, or be employed in a UK HEI in a non-tenured academic position (i.e. fixed-term lectureship or postdoc position) no less than 4 months prior to the closing date.

Those who are or have been registered for a doctorate at any time may apply only if they have submitted their doctoral thesis for viva voce examination by 4pm on the closing date of 24 February 2022.

Those who formally submitted their doctoral thesis for viva voce examination before 24 February 2018 are not eligible unless they have since had a career break.

Budget: The Trust will contribute 100% of each Fellow’s total salary costs up to a maximum of £50,000 in year 1, and then 50% salary up to a maximum of £25,000 in the following 2 years. The balance is to be paid by the host institution. £6000 per year is available for research activities. Grant length is 3 years.

Internal Process: There is a College limit on the number of applications we submit as a School, so an internal selection process begins ahead of the Trust’s deadline.

  • The application form is accessed via the Leverhulme grant management system. You will need an account to log in to the system so if you don’t already have one, please register for one up via this link to the online portal.
  • Complete the online application form and send a PDF of it to Mel McLaughlin by the internal deadline, along with the name of your mentor (if you haven’t already let Mel know). You can make it into a pdf by saving your work, closing the form, and clicking on the view/print button in the overview page. Please remember to save the information you type into the form as you go as the system will not save it automatically.
  • At this stage you do not need to fill in the name of the institutional approver or submit the application for institutional approval- this will only be needed if your application is supported and chosen by the review panel to go forward.
  • You do however need to fill in the section asking how you plan to spend the £6,000 per year research budget allocation. Please note we advise adding in a laptop (max budget £1000) as one will not be supplied by the School.
  • All applications received by the internal deadline are ranked by the relevant Head of Subject area and departmental Research Advisor. The Research Director and Head of School then decide which of the top ranked applications can go forward for submission (up to a maximum of four)
  • If your application is chosen to go forward you will need to name three referees. We’ve been reminded by Leverhulme of the importance of choosing suitable referees so please refer to the guidance on their website before deciding who to choose


Internal deadline: 24th January 2022 (12pm GMT)

Peer reviews take place between 24th January- 10th February

Applicants notified by 14th February

Notified applicants to submit to the funder by 21st February (by 10am GMT)

Funder deadline: 24th Feb 2022 (4pm GMT)

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